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Pricenoia – Get the best prices on books, the international way!

There are six international Amazon stores. You may think that ordering from the nearest Amazon would be cheaper, but it isn’t in many cases.

This is what you get when you search on Pricenoia:

” * We search for the price of a single book in every store in its local currency
* We show you all the prices in the same currency, daily updated (Euro for europeans, USDollar for the rest of the world), to catch the differences in a easy way,
* We add the shipping fares (the cheapest shipping available to your country from each store)
* We show the total amount
* We redirect you to book in the site you select. “

Even if there is a local Amazon store in your country, it can be cheaper to order abroad.

What I’d love to learn more about is the note on their site that says, “in association with Amazon.” The site doesn’t explain exactly what their relationship is. If Pricenoia reduces the tax revenue for some European countries, or the publishing revenues for some US academic publishers, Bezos will likely get some angry phone calls. However, a freer market is definitely better for the consumer!

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