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Private equity portfolio monitoring and operating partners

Private Equity Manager magazine has a special edition on portfolio monitoring, with some helpful coverage of how private equity operating partners’ roles have evolved. I was particularly interested in their coverage of PEOPEN, the private equity operating partner network. The group was first initiated with an informal dinner in August 2008, led by Tony Ecock of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, and has now grown to 260 members.

From their associated LinkedIn group:

This group is for networking and sharing non-proprietary best practices and proven external resources related to PE portfolio company management, operations and value creation. Thank you for understanding that this group is strictly limited to those who have been employed full-time as operating partners of major PE funds with AUM exceeding $500MM. We also welcome deal GPs or MDs who have responsibility for portfolio company management in their funds.

This is a powerful example of an online gated community which is effective precisely because its gates are high.

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