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Remember Every Name Every Time

(From “Remember Every Name Every Time” by Benjamin Levy.)

In the book, Levy describes two methods for remembering names.

First, the verbally-oriented, “basic” technique:   FACE. FOCUS on the name. ASK again. COMMENT to them and yourself about the name. EMPLOY the name in conversation.

 Second, the visual, “advanced” NAME system. It’s “advanced” because it doesn’t depend on you working the person’s name into conversation, and it does take a lot of practice.

But Levy remembers hundreds and hundreds of names using the four steps below. NAME stands for… NOMINATE – Survey the face, then choose a feature, any feature! [Ex. Bob’s nose.] ARTICULATE – Describe the feature to yourself so you know it.

 [Ex. Bob’s nose…it’s large in proportion to his face, and the nostrils are very prominent.]

MORPH – Names don’t mean much, so transform them into nouns! [Ex. “Bob” becomes…”bobsled!” Visualize the famous Jamaican bobsled team.] ENTWINE – so that… NOMINATED feature + MORPH = a lasting memory [Ex. Dozens of bobsleds shooting out of his nose!] Via Keith Ferrazzi‘s newsletter

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