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Resources for time management

Harold Taylor has some great articles worth reviewing at

10 Time Management Myths Some of what you believe about time management is simply not true.

 25 Ways to Save Time For those time-crunched people who are looking for some quick suggestions for making the most of their time, here are 25 keys to effective time management.

A CRASH Course in Time Management If you want to make maximum use of your time, try the CRASH course.

Breaking Bad Habits and Forming Good Ones Habits we have formed over the years can be time wasting, unhealthy and outright dangerous.

 Or they can be constructive, positive, healthy, and save time. Delegation Perhaps you are not taking full advantage of one of the greatest time savers of all:

 delegation. Does TV stand for “Time Vaporizer?” Perhaps it’s time to kick the television habit.

 Doing Two Things At Once Use this time management technique with caution.

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 Efficiency And Effectiveness:

They Are Both Important Efficiency and effectiveness work in tandem; one is useless without the other.

Manage Anger Do not allow anger to build like steam in a pressure cooker.

Manage Your E-mail Unmanaged, it can be more a hindrance than help.

 Managing by Choice How well you manage your time and your life is determined by the choices you make.

Managing Your Paperwork Here’s a filing system that allows you to instantly locate anything in your office. Scheduling is the Key to Goal Achievement Accept the fact that you can’t do everything.

Sleep Deprivation, the Latest Time Waster Lack of adequate sleep is causing decreased productivity among workers.

Time Management for Creative People Left-brain and right-brain thinkers can be equally effective.

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