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Seeking WordPress Designer for my sites

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I’m seeking an experienced WordPress designer for both my personal use and for our portfolio companies; any suggestions?

I want to upgrade two sites:

– (my personal site)

–, the marketing site for my book, The Virtual Handshake.

These sites are built entirely on the WordPress platform.  They have a sister site,, which I do not currently plan to change, and which already reflects a lot of the changes I plan to make at

I’m glad to credit your development company publicly on our sites, and/or blog a case study about your work.

My design philosophy is consistent with the writing on such sites as,, and

Some of the design models I look to are (for various reasons) ; ; , .  I think is an excellent  model of how to drive signups.

Please be in touch if you’d like to see the detailed RFP.

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  1. You might consider holding a design contest on a site like I’ve found that the competition results in a better design than I could have imagined on my own – if the contest is run well.

    Best to you on your re-design efforts.