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We are glad to look at any business seeking funding. That said, we’re particularly excited about businesses with some combination of:

  • Leverage existing technologies in creative ways
  • Target niches with large adjacent markets
  • In overlooked geographies (not in New York, Boston, or California)
  • In un-sexy industries
  • “Dual PhD problems”: companies at the intersection of more than 1 domain

In an early-stage company, we’re particularly focused on assessing team:  

  • We prefer management teams obsessed with understanding and implementing Standard Operating Procedures. We think founders should approach new business models and industries creatively, and simultaneously, take advantage of existing best practices. 
  • We are particularly excited to work with founders who are from non-traditional backgrounds: women, racial minorities, top talent from non-Ivy schools, etc. An investor’s job is to invest in what others overlook. 
  • We are particularly interested in investing in companies with international roots, including immigrant founders and engineering based outside of the US. Members of our team have served as a judge/speaker at events focused on startups from Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Eastern Europe, Germany, Holland, Israel, Italy, Korea, MENA, the Maghreb, and Portugal (so far). For more on this strategy, see Why VCs are investing in international startups and Why international startups love NY
  • We like founders who are obsessed with product and market, not press coverage and VC funding.