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Career Presentations



  • How Executives Can Work with Private Equity and Venture Capital Portfolio Companies (VIDEO)
    Focus on how you can win board memberships or full-time executive roles with the portfolio companies of private equity and venture capital firms. Learn how to earn significant extra income as a member of an expert network, without distracting from your current job. Discusses how institutional investors typically engage with outside executives: through executive recruiters, expert networks, senior advisor networks, research firms, etc.
  • Earn More Consulting Revenue from Expert Networks
    A number of friends have asked me how to increase the amount of money they’re earning as consultants from the major expert networks.


I have presented at almost all of the Ivy League schools; various business schools (Columbia Business School, Harvard Business School, Wharton, Technion MBA Program, and Yale School of Management); as well as the National University of Singapore. If you’re a student or professor, please see How I work with universities and students.