Research for Executives

I’ve presented to senior executives at leading corporations (Franklin Templeton, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, KPMG) and executive resource groups (CEO Trust, Vistage), receiving positive feedback. Below are some recent presentations:

Best Practices

Investment Themes

  • Where are the Disruptive Asset Management Companies?
    The most attractive industries to disrupt are highly profitable ones, and asset management is traditionally a highly profitable industry. We believe there is significant room to disrupt this industry.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
    AI is a layer of technology changing financial services just like many other industries.  I discuss what is AI, why is it exploding in prominence, how it’s impacting investing in particular, and then more broadly other areas of financial services.
  • Online Dating is the Future of Your Business
    Online dating is now a mainstream method for singles to meet one another. Entrepreneurs, investors, and other businesspeople can learn a lot from the diverse and well-developed business models in the online dating sector.