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Springwise Features New Business Ideas from Around the World

Via Scott Allen:

One of the few e-mail newsletters I read from top to bottom every month is Springwise, which features hot new business ideas from around the world. These may be local/regional businesses that can be duplicated in your area, or just an early player in a new market segment that is still wide open to new entrants.

The current issue features stories on:

Car Prices by Text Message
Car shoppers can check retail and blue book prices via cell phone.

Boutique Wines Online
Advice, discounts and access to boutique wineries not generally available at your local liquor store.

Dinner in the Sky
This one’s kind of wacky – you’ll just have to see it.

Luxury Convenience Store
In England, it’s Harrod’s. Imagine a Neiman-Marcus Corner Store in your neighborhood.

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Repackaging Barcodes
Graphic designers are turning plain old barcodes into an integral part of the packaging.

Social Money
New tools help people who share bills or who lend and borrow money among friends to keep track of it. The latest issue of Business 2.0 predicts this is a $100 billion industry.

Subscriptions to Springwise are free. If you like it, be sure to check out their sister publication, Trendwatching, which covers new consumer trends.

Get invites to exclusive events and research.