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The Top 10 Blunders Of Online Job Hunters

In addition to these tips:CareerJourna: The Top 10 Blunders Of Online Job Hunters

i would add:

+ Use simple text formatting in your resume: one font size, minimal table usage, no italics, no shadowing, and no graphics. Resumes are often read on a word processing system different than yours, and fancy formatting makes them hard to read and harder to scan. Do not use the automatic bullets in Word; instead, manually type in hyphens. These are more likely to retain their formatting when viewed by a foreign word processor. Make sure to include the key words relevant for your profession.

+ Do not use PDF format (Adobe Acrobat). It is large in size, non-standard, and-most damaging-most headhunters and corporations use resume search engines that do not read that format. We recommend whenever you send a resume, include it as an attachment in Word or HTML format, and also include it in the body of the email.

+ Give your resume a name in the format: “Smith_John_Resume_2004.doc”. When the reader of your resume saves the file, it will therefore be easy for him or her to know later what is in that file. Names like “Resume.doc” make your reader’s job much more difficult.

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