We manage a selective, complimentary community for founders researching their next move. We share best practices to help you in ideation; scouting; angel investing/becoming a VC; buying a company; joining a board; consulting; joining an  expert network; becoming an interim executive; educating yourself; or just getting a job. We particularly welcome women and underrepresented minorities.

Requirements for joining Founders’ Next Move

Membership is open to anyone who founded/cofounded a company which achieved at least initial traction, meaning the company met any of these criteria:

  • Annual revenues over $10m;
  • Exited for over $50m;
  • Raised over $2m from reputable VCs; and/or
  • Over 50 full-time employees.

Failure is part of entrepreneurship. If you had to shut down your company, we absolutely welcome your participation.

Why join?

  • Community. Identify possible cofounders and advisors.
  • Investors. Build relationships with possible angels and VCs.
  • Income. Earn money as a consultant/advisor/board member.
  • Education. Improve your tradecraft by studying entrepreneurial standard operating procedures. Access our collective knowledge base.
  • Invest. Become an active angel investor.
  • Validate. Acid-test your vision before you invest the next ten years in building it.

Activities. Our activities include:

  • Recruiting: We regularly share information about early-stage companies seeking CEOs, and other highly relevant resources.
  • Community: Periodic dinners and other events.
  • Learn from guest speakers, investors and founders.

Apply to Founders’ Next Move, Versatile VC’s community for founders researching their next role: