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How Israel and the Arab World Connect Through Technology

One of the greatest missed opportunities in Middle East business is no longer going to be missed. Back in July, I wrote an essay in Geektime on "The Anti-Israel BDS Movement Will Fail". Little did I know how quickly that would prove true! Many Israeli companies build technologies which could [...continue reading]

The Anti-Israel BDS Movement Will Fail

The BDS movement is immoral and ineffective. It’s immoral because if BDS succeeds, it will hurt billions of people globally who use Israeli technology, including in many cases to save lives. It is ineffective because it cannot achieve its goals, given the reach of Israeli tech. BDS has succeeded in [...continue reading]

Ron Senator, CEO, Sphera–largest hedge fund in Israel

I recently saw Ron Senator, CEO, Sphera Funds Management, speak at the Israeli Business Forum. My brief notes (distributed with permission) follow: $250m assets under management. Approximately 18% net return since 2001. Currently low net exposure to markets. We think some of the problems here [...continue reading]

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