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Webinar: The Great Recruiting Discrimination Debate

(from my friends at Accolo) The Great Recruiting Discrimination Debate – Round 2.5 with sound You are invited to participate in our next Webinar Debate with the EEOC and OFCCP on December 5th from 10:30 am to noon Pacific Time.

For more event details and to register, go to .

 This is a redo of the debate we held on November 14, 2006 where there were difficulties with the sound.

 Thanks to the willingness of the panelists and vastly better technology, we are holding another live Webinar debate.

 The great news is that you can now participate in a bigger and better event! The audio will be delivered through the speakers on your computer.

Title: The Great Recruiting Discrimination Debate – Round 2.5 with sound

Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2006 Time: 10:30 am to Noon Pacific Standard

Time Cost: Free Capacity: Limited to the first 1,500 participants

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 Link: As a bonus, we will be combining all the questions and answers into a web page for easy reference after the December event.

 We will send you an e-mail with the web page link when this is ready. If you have any burning questions for the EEOC/OFCCP, you can ask it when you register.

 Even if there is not enough time to have your question answered during the debate, we will make sure it is added to the Q&A section on the web page following the event.

 Round 1 was held in May 2006, and 94% of all participants wanted to hear more! Round 2.5 with sound will be bigger and contain tougher questions.

 The panel not only includes additional senior members of the EEOC and OFCCP, but also a litigator representing companies fighting these agencies.

 This content rich Webinar is free thanks to the generous donations from PeopleClick and Accolo, and the tireless volunteer efforts from Daniel Parrillo of Strategi LLC, Karen Mattonen of Advanced Career Solutions Inc. Pre-registration is required.

 We know how valuable your time is and hope you will join us for The Great Recruiting Discrimination Debate Round 2.5 with sound.

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