Follow me Opens New Business Community

From Scott Allen:

This week, relaunched in the form of a Web 2.0-ish business community. The site consists of how-to guides for running your small business, written by a combination of in-house editors, certified topical experts, and members.

While this has admittedly been done before, has done a great job on the execution:
– great domain name
– a clean, well-organized design
– a highly consistent guide format that includes links to online resources to help you get it done
– a team of professional editors, community leaders and experts to make sure content stays current and appropriate and to help members get engaged in the community

I’m the community leader for the Sales & Marketing Channel, and there’s already a tremendous collection of how-to guides available on the site, including one I wrote on online business networks. Here are some of my other favorites related to online networks, social software, and Web 2.0:

I’ve committed to several more guides in the next few weeks — I’ll post here as they go up.

Also, if you have a particular area of expertise and don’t already see it covered (or at least not as well as you think you could), then you can also create a new guide yourself. If you do, be sure to stop by my profile and send me a message so I can have a read and come post comments.

Hope to see you at!

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