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Younger siblings, better entrepreneurs?

Younger siblings, better entrepreneurs?

Which slot in the birth-order sequence makes for the most successful entrepreneurs?
Ben Dattner: It’s not that cut and dried. There are positives and negatives — and examples of successful business people — from all the places in the birth-order spectrum. For instance, first-born entrepreneurs tend to be more extroverted and confident than their younger siblings.

In a business where somebody needs to maintain a high PR profile, you could imagine that it might be easier if you’re naturally extroverted and confident. Especially if you’ll be called on to talk to the media as the public face of your company. First-borns also tend to be more assertive and authoritarian, dominant and inflexible. They’re good at executing a plan, following it, and driving others to follow it in a disciplined way. Conformist, task-oriented, disciplined, and concerned with getting things done right — all these traits are naturally found in first-borns.


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