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Peter Drucker on the Seven Sources of Systematic Innovation

When Peter Drucker died, his obituaries were so laudatory I thought that I really should become familiar with his work.  So I've been reading through some of his major books.  It's striking how well-written and timeless they are.I just finished his classic "Innovation and [...continue reading]

Free Market Research for Entrepreneurs, at Founder Institute last night

I enjoyed participating in a panel last night on "Market Research for Entrepreneurs", as part of the Founder Institute's first series of New York programming. The other speakers were Nicholas Butterworth, President & CEO, Diversion Media; and Steven Haines, President, Sequent Learning [...continue reading]

Jobs for the autistic/creating a new business

I recently learned about an entrepreneur with a very clever business model: Thorkil Sonne, founder of Danish software testing company Specialisterne.  The 55-person firm's clients include CSC, Microsoft, and Oracle. Specialisterne claims to be the world's first company focused on leveraging the [...continue reading]

Web 3.0: Where Are We Headed?

I enjoyed speaking at the recent Web 2.0 New York conference.  I have posted an expanded version of my slide deck on "Web 3.0: Where Are We Headed?"  My thanks to Sutithi Chakraborty for her help in researching this topic. [...continue reading]

Springwise Features New Business Ideas from Around the World

Via Scott Allen: One of the few e-mail newsletters I read from top to bottom every month is Springwise, which features hot new business ideas from around the world. These may be local/regional businesses that can be duplicated in your area, or just an early player in a new market segment that is [...continue reading]

Creativity techniques and tools for problem solving

Creativity techniques and tools for problem solving: "Below are listed a number of creativity techniques to help with creative thinking/brainstorming. Like most tools, these creativity techniques all have their good and bad points. I like to think of these creativity techniques as tools in a toolbox [...continue reading]

where to find an idea for your next great company

I speak with many people who are looking for ideas for a great company to start. As Amar Bhide (a professor of mine) observed: ideas are easy, execution is hard.For good ideas for startups , see Why Not? and/or Halfbakery. [...continue reading]