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Lose weight and get strong without leaving your house

My family and I are in the process of moving to another apartment, and we are thinking through how to design it to promote active living for us and our children.  Both at work and at home, we’re trying to make it as easy and natural as possible for people to raise their fitness level while going [...continue reading]

How To Add Powerful (and Legal) Stock Photos To Your Presentations

What do you remember better? Pictures or words? The evidence is clear: people have better recall for images than text.  Including attractive images that dramatize your speaking points will significantly increase your efficacy as a speaker. Based on my experience in investment banking and [...continue reading]

Do-it-yourself iPhone

If you want to avoid the lines, Techcrunch writes how to cobble together an iPhone equivalent for free. [...continue reading]

Guidelines for Using a Cellphone Abroad

Some useful Guidelines for Using a U.S. Cellphone When Traveling Outside of the U.S. [...continue reading]

Unwitting Exposure: Does Posting Personal Information Online Mean Giving up Privacy?

"People who access the Internet for what have become routine functions -- sending emails, writing blogs, and posting photos and information about themselves on social networking sites -- do not realize how much of their personal privacy they put at risk, according to Wharton faculty and legal [...continue reading]

Microsoft Office online—without Microsoft

Do you want to break free of Microsoft's grip? Use exclusively web-based apps, most of them free? If you do, try reviewing Ismael Ghalimi's list of 'best-of-breed' web apps, which together provide a reasonable approximation of the Microsoft Office [...continue reading]

Google SMS

A useful service I've been playing with is Google SMS: Google SMS is a new service that enables you to search for certain kinds of information with Google from a mobile phone or handheld device (such as a Blackberry), and returns your search results as text messages. Get phone book listings, movie [...continue reading]

Converting your documents into PDF format

Adobe offers a converter to PDF format on their site (for a fee), but there are countless other options out there that cost zero. Try or PDF Creator. They'll convert documents from Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and so on. Via 101 Fabulous Freebies [...continue reading]

Use Gmail to break PDF copy-restrictions

Apparently, Gmail's built-in 'View as HTML' functionality, which allows you to view the content of PDF files (and other types of documents) as if they were classic webpages, works regardless of the files' usage restrictions (i.e., the functionality doesn't respect Digital Rights [...continue reading]

10+ practical ways to use your phonecam

10+ practical ways to use your phonecam, from 43 Folders [...continue reading]

Getting Back To Work: A Personal Productivity Toolkit

You may like Getting Back To Work: A Personal Productivity Toolkit.I have already reset my browser home page to the page mentioned in the excerpt below:One major behavior that triggers a work interruption is "going online." The Internet is a vast repository of Time Wasters, and if you're like me, [...continue reading]

Globe-trotting phones – CNET reviews

from CNET's mailing list (via James Fahey).... I don't consider myself a jet-setter, but I do travel. And when I'm on the road, I need to keep in touch with work, not to mention my family and friends. So nothing frustrates me more than lack of cell phone service. That's why I need to get a truly [...continue reading]

Great new desktop/web search tool, which costs you nothing

From my coauthor Scott Allen:In doing some research about desktop search for the chapter in our book about organizing your files and email, I came across HotBot Desktop, a tool so incredibly handy and powerful that it might make me be willing to switch back to Internet Explorer and give up Google [...continue reading]

Tools to manage small project teams

All of life is one big To Do list. I personally spend most of my time managing project teams for the various projects that I am responsible for. I have been looking for some time for a more efficient way to track the progress of my teammates. I have used Microsoft Project in the past, but it is [...continue reading]

Real-time Web Translation

T-Mail is offering Real-time E-mail Machine Translation. Just type in a URL of a site in French (or many other languages), and you can start surfing it. Slick. [...continue reading]

Remove Embarrassing Hidden Data in Office 2003/XP

You'd think the people who make Microsoft Word understand enough about the program to avoid embarrassing themselves with unintended disclosures of internal information. You'd be wrong. See [...continue reading]

No-cost Power Tools for Powerpoint users

No-cost Power Tools for Powerpoint users [...continue reading]

How to attract the most s p a m (CNET)

The great CNET sp am-off reveals the riskiest e-mail behaviors. Check it out to see what NOT to do. [...continue reading]