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How to lose fat and gain muscle with venture capital

Both founders and researchers in healthcare are spending far too much of their energy in areas where they’re not going to make maximum impact. Most health problems are self-inflicted, but the innovation economy doesn’t reflect the power of preventive healthcare.  Dr. An Nguyen and I just completed [...continue reading]

HBS Angels Healthcare Night

If you're a healthcare-focused VC or angel who has made at least 3 investments in the trailing year, please contact me if you'd like to attend our upcoming Harvard Business School Angels pitch night on February 29, co-hosted with the HBS Healthcare Alumni Association. The evening is sponsored by a [...continue reading]

Relationships between directors of major life science companies

Here's a modeling tool to look at relationships between directors of major life science related companies. Go to and click on "power brokers of biotech", and you'll be taken to a real-time building screen. This is a free public version of similar analyses of power networks available [...continue reading]