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How to ensure everyone agrees on the contract you just signed

When we negotiate a deal, the paperwork is intended to document the deal.  If necessary, the paperwork is supposed to ensure that all parties keep their commitments. But I admit it: I’m paranoid.  How do I ensure enforceability?  We are investing millions of dollars based on a few pieces of [...continue reading]

Ten Tips for Entrepreneurs when Working with Lawyers

David A. Boillot, Susan Klein, and Ed Reitler of Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt did a great job representing me in finalizing the terms of my joining ff Venture Capital. However, I definitely have to admit that executing the agreements took much longer than I had hoped. Although fortunately my cost [...continue reading]

The Future of America’s Innovation Economy- Progress and Challenges at the USPTO

Image via Wikipedia I took fairly detailed notes at last night's panel on 'The Future of America's Innovation Economy Progress and Challenges at the USPTO'. It was sponsored by The Gibbons Institute of Law, Science & Technology; Seton Hall University School of Law; and the New Jersey [...continue reading]

The Speed of Trust Review

A while ago I read Stephen M.R. Covey's book, The SPEED of Trust: The One Thing that Changes Everything . As you would guess, Stephen M.R. is the son of Dr. Stephen R. Covey, who wrote the extremely influential book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. The heritage shows. Speed of Trust [...continue reading]

How Law Firms Can Increase Their Billings with Web 2.0 Technologies

I finally had a chance to upload slides prepared by my partner Scott Lichtman on how law firms can use Web 2.0 technologies to increase their billings. Download. Scott delivered this presentation as a talk some months ago. [...continue reading]

New York County Lawyers Association: Upgrade Your Web Marketing with Web 2.0 Technologies

Image via Wikipedia Our COO, Scott Lichtman, is speaking at this event: New York County Lawyers’ Association’s Cyberspace Law Committee presents Web 2.0: Upgrade Your Web Marketing The Internet is upgrading to version 2.0 and so should your law firm's marketing. More and more [...continue reading]

Why to read contracts closely

A grammatical blunder may force Rogers Communications Inc. to pay an extra $2.13-million to use utility poles in the Maritimes after the placement of a comma in a contract permitted the deal's cancellation. ... Language buffs take note - Page 7 of the contract states: The agreement "shall continue [...continue reading]

New Wiki for Lawyers and Consumers of Legal Services

I think that one of the most obvious applications of the wiki model is in the legal space, and no surprise, it's been launched: . I think that this site has the potential to significantly change the practice of law.  My motivation and likelihood to contribute to this site is far [...continue reading]