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Is The Government Telling The Truth When It Says Your Data Is Secure?

(I previously published this at Techcrunch.) Modern encryption systems are, in theory, exceptionally secure. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), for example, is so sophisticated that all known attacks are considered computationally infeasible. It is no surprise then, that the NSA considers [...continue reading]

How to whitelist your site for corporate firewalls, so that the Fortune 500 can see you

Over the last year, I periodically would hear from clients and friends at some of the large investment banks that they could not view Given the amount of "adult" content on this site is zero, I was surprised and annoyed by this. The site is not a very good marketing tool if potential [...continue reading]

How to Protect You and Your Company Against Hackers — at No Cost

Twitter's security meltdown has done a fantastic job of publicizing how vulnerable a modern, cloud-based company can be to a determined hacker. I have been surprised that in the numerous articles about how to protect yourself against hacking, I have seen very little mention of the powerful [...continue reading]

Phishing to wireless LAN users

From Mobile Pipeline, via Arieanna Foley: Basically, the new phishing model will start with a log-in page for a public WiFi network. What you'd expect at any hotspot, really. ... Without realizing it, the user will enter personal information to the logon page, whereupon the hacker will proceed to [...continue reading]

New Tool for Corporate Hackers: Google

'Google Hacking' Digs Up Sensitive Material---how people are using Google to find all sorts of confidential information. [...continue reading]