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11 Ideas to Organize an Event Family Offices Want to Attend

Lots of event planners and anyone raising capital want to attract family offices. But how?   I’ve identified a range of best practices that I’ve seen other organizations use in serving the family office community, in roughly declining order of impact: 1. Advertise that the event is strictly [...continue reading]

Guaranteed Process: How to Get Married This Year

I’m giving a talk this weekend at Limmud NY and then in a month at Limmud FSU on "Investing in the Marriage Market: Find Your Dream Spouse without the Drama". In this presentation,  I take the same standard process that works for sales, raising capital, and sourcing deals, and apply it to finding a [...continue reading]

Next Gen Startup Financing Marketplaces

I enjoyed attending Tuesday's panel, "Innovative Marketplaces Meetup: Next Gen Startup Financing Marketplaces" Speakers: David Rose, Founder and CEO, Angelsoft Jeremy Smith, Chief Strategy Officer, SecondMarket Rob Garcia, Dir. Product Strategy, Lending Club Slava Rubin, Co-Founder, [...continue reading]

Buying private companies on marketplaces of primary and secondary interests

Congratulations to the team at AxialMarket on raising $2m from First Round Capital and Windcrest Investments. I take this as a sign that they're starting to gain traction among corporations and private equity funds, despite the fact they're threatening the lunch of lower-tier business brokers and [...continue reading]

Compensation at Private Equity Firms and Investment Banks

Dealmaker Magazine has a useful survey of 2006 compensation at top private equity firms and investment banks. They've done their best to make it hard to replicate this data without sharing your own personal data with them. The page with this data in the printed magazine is written with [...continue reading]

Dealbreaker/Bullpen Report

For the lighter side of Wall Street, check out: "DealBreaker is an online business tabloid and Wall Street gossip blog. It seeks to cover the personalities and culture that shape the financial industry, offering original commentary, news and [...continue reading]

Are finders also brokers-dealers?

I know that many of my readers are interested in earning finder's fees for bringing in deals to investors. A good overview article on your legal status if you're engaged in that activity is here: Are finders also brokers-dealers? [...continue reading]

Creators of Lowbrow Bullpen Report have Street laughing

Creators of lowbrow Bullpen Report have Street laughing: "'So lowbrow it should be waxed,' but Street is chucklingBy David Weidner, MarketWatch"The financial community has produced its own comic material at times, such as companies not 'admitting or denying any wrongdoing' or Dick Grasso's [...continue reading]