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New video: To University and Beyond: Launch Your Career in High Gear

I spoke today at the Ideagen Cloud, A.I., & Innovation Summit and summarized my second book, To University and Beyond: Launch Your Career in High Gear. Here's the video: I hope you'll get our new book!  I've attached below the slides from the video: [...continue reading]

New video: How to Win Consulting, Board, and Deal Roles with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds

I hosted a presentation and discussion last night for GoingVC on "How to Win Consulting, Board, and Deal Roles with Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds". I've embedded below the video and slide deck. You can see an essay summarizing my advice here. I discuss all the ways you can work with [...continue reading]

Why Governments Should Invest in Their Diaspora Founders

We are brainstorming a new solution to a widespread challenge in many countries: how to develop a self-sustaining, independent local tech ecosystem. Our proposal: governments systematically support funding for their diaspora founders, not just the local founders. I co-wrote this essay with [...continue reading]

Ripe For Disruption: The Asset Management Business

Joe Reilly, CEO of Circulus Group and a longtime contributor to Family Wealth Report, interviewed me to share views on disruption in asset management, my research into the field, and where the industry needs to be headed. Reilly: You’ve been co-leading a research project on innovation in the [...continue reading]

Free Money for Student Tech Founders

Starting a new business as a student is daunting. How can you get free money and other support for your business idea?  Right here. We have collected a wide range of freebies, contests, accelerators, online communities, and VCs designed for student tech founders. I have been researching this [...continue reading]

Interview with (Gated community for VCs) is a vibrant online community exclusively for VCs. The two founders, Clay Norris and Tyler Dean, interviewed me for their podcast. We discussed: How members of the community can work with Versatile VC Versatile’s unusual approach Diversity and VC Opportunities within the [...continue reading]

How to get a job in venture capital

This is part of a series on building your career in venture capital : Reading list for working in private equity/venture capital, including all of the major online communities for VCs and programs/degrees for people studying VC How to get a job in venture capital VC recruiters list and [...continue reading]

What next for founders seeking their next adventure: Launch, Get a Job, Invest, Consult?

Hey, founders between gigs: What now? If you exited your last company for airplane money and are now independently wealthy, congratulations! If you want to build another company, just self-fund. If you want outside capital, VCs will chase after you to invest.  Unfortunately, most founders are [...continue reading]

Many people can’t see your website. Here’s how to fix it.

You’ve spent all that money and time building a perfect website, but can people actually see it? I periodically hear from friends at some large enterprises that they can’t see the sites we manage (,, and, because their corporate firewalls block them. Given [...continue reading]