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How Law Firms Can Increase Their Billings with Web 2.0 Technologies

I finally had a chance to upload slides prepared by my partner Scott Lichtman on how law firms can use Web 2.0 technologies to increase their billings. Download. Scott delivered this presentation as a talk some months ago. [...continue reading]

How to Source Deals Using Social Media

I'm looking forward to speaking at an upcoming conference, Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 in the Capital Markets Industry, on September 17 in New York. Liz Abraham of Financial Markets World reports that they still have slots for a few speakers with experience in using or implementing Web 2.0 in the [...continue reading]

New York County Lawyers Association: Upgrade Your Web Marketing with Web 2.0 Technologies

Image via Wikipedia Our COO, Scott Lichtman, is speaking at this event: New York County Lawyers’ Association’s Cyberspace Law Committee presents Web 2.0: Upgrade Your Web Marketing The Internet is upgrading to version 2.0 and so should your law firm's marketing. More and more [...continue reading]

What Counts at the Box Office Is the Buzz

According to the NY Times:The amount of Internet buzz a movie generates is a strong predictor of its box-office take. But it hardly matters whether that buzz is good or bad, according to a study by Yong Liu, an assistant professor of marketing at the Eller College of Business at the University of [...continue reading]

Shawn Gold, SVP, MySpace: Marketing in a Networked Culture

Following up on my draft post on 'Business Models for User-Generated Media', I wrote some notes on this morning's iBreakfast. Shawn Gold, SVP, MySpace: Marketing in a Networked Culture MySpace has 100m users projected by july 84m registered users, 2m new registered users per week (size of [...continue reading]

Blog Carnivals – Keeping Up with the Best of the Blogosphere

My coauthor Scott Allen wrote on The Virtual Handshake blog:I love to read blogs, but increasingly, I find it harder and harder to keep up with all the blogs I'd like to read because there is just so much good stuff out of there. And, of course, it's all mixed up with a lot more stuff ranging [...continue reading]

The Great Sales and Marketing Debate: The Cagey Sales Veterans Debate the Young Up-and-Comers

I recently was fortunate to participate in a panel discussion on "The Great Sales and Marketing Debate: The Cagey Sales Veterans Debate the Young Up-and-Comers", sponsored by the New York Software Industry Association, March 13, 2006, held at JP Morgan Chase. Allen Reynolds and Jesse [...continue reading]

No-Cost Teleseminar: Using Blogs and Online Communities to Increase Your Influence

an offer from my coauthor Scott Allen:Next Wednesday, February 8, from 1:00-2:30 Pacific (4:00-5:30 EST), I'll be doing a no-cost teleseminar with Steven Van Yoder, author of Get Slightly Famous (review), on how to use blogs, social network sites, and online communities to increase your exposure [...continue reading]

Raising Capital with Online Networks

We just posted the draft of an article we're working on about how to raise capital with online networks. We're particularly interested in more success stories about institutional investors who have used online networks to raise capital successfully.We welcome feedback!Here's the article: [...continue reading]

Review: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Growing Your Business With Google

Disclosure: Our new book is about networks, and the process of marketing a book has certainly emphasized for us how important networks are. Honestly, we have to admit that most of the reviewers of The Virtual Handshake book were people with whom either my coauthor Scott Allen or I had some sort of [...continue reading]

Using Online Communities Effectively

Steve Pavlina, who blogs on "personal development for smart people" (sounds like a tag line I could use) writes on Using Online Communities Effectively. This article reads like a micro-summary of "The Virtual Handshake". For anyone who is an active user of online communities, it's worth reviewing [...continue reading]

FastCompany book excerpt: 10 Steps to Leverage Online Networks

FastCompany has just published an excerpt of our book on the ten basic steps necessary to take full advantage of online networks. The excerpt is called Leveraging Your Links.Years ago, when I interned for Procter & Gamble, we were told to never write a memo longer than one page. This excerpt is [...continue reading]

South Asian, Chinese, Hispanic, French, and Russian Networks

In connection with research I did for my new book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online, I worked with a variety of coauthors to write survey pieces on the ways that different special-interest communities build business relationships.  I have posted these articles on [...continue reading]

Find broken links on your website

Via and"Want a way to easily check your links that is 97% accurate and won't cost you a dime? . It will go through a site in no time and produce a report to get you fixing those broken links or redirected [...continue reading]