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The Insider's Guide to Interviewing

Career Hub has just released their third free eBook, "The Insider's Guide to Interviewing", featuring articles from 14 top career experts. This book, along with two earlier books, The Insider's Guide to Resume Writing" and "The Insider's Guide to Job Search" can be downloaded at [...continue reading]

Compensation at Private Equity Firms and Investment Banks

Dealmaker Magazine has a useful survey of 2006 compensation at top private equity firms and investment banks. They've done their best to make it hard to replicate this data without sharing your own personal data with them. The page with this data in the printed magazine is written with [...continue reading]

What is your greatest weakness? 3 smart replies

Annie Fisher quotes Ben Dattner, who suggests: 1. Focus the discussion on how you've improved over time. 2. Talk about how the job you're applying for will help you stretch and build your skills. 3. Describe a valuable piece of advice someone gave you, and how it has helped your career. more... [...continue reading]

Insider Guide to Resume Writing

Via Barbara Safani: Career Hub, a career advice blog I contribute to, recently launched their second free ebook, Insider's Guide to Resume Writing. The free download is [...continue reading]

Nine Tools for Researching Leads

"On the 9th Day of Xmas, Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters revealed to me: Nine Tools for Researching Leads." Whether you are looking for sales or job-hunting purposes, there are a vast number of services you can subscribe to for free that will bring information on worthwhile new companies [...continue reading]

Webinar: The Great Recruiting Discrimination Debate

(from my friends at Accolo) The Great Recruiting Discrimination Debate - Round 2.5 with sound You are invited to participate in our next Webinar Debate with the EEOC and OFCCP on December 5th from 10:30 am to noon Pacific Time. For more event details and to register, go to [...continue reading]

#1 fastest growing private company in San Francisco Bay Area

Congratulations to the team at Accolo, which was just named the #1 fastest growing private company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Accolo is the company that acquired Teten Recruiting. For more on their approach to recruiting, see "Use Online Networks to Find Your Star Employee". [...continue reading]

The many benefits of your star employees leaving the firm (?)

Via Wharton's newsletter: It's always been assumed that when employees leave their companies to join other ones that all their knowledge and experience leave with them.  But new research suggests that, at least in the high-tech field, firms can wind up gaining access to the knowledge being [...continue reading]

Master US Job Board Directory

AIRS has a master directory of job boards by geography and industry: [...continue reading]

Executive Recruiter Efficiency

Via Marc, I was led to a blog post by David Manaster on recruiter efficiency. He reports that "It would seem that (on average) the optimal workload for a recruiter is between 11 and 20 open positions. " I'd argue that the main reason for this phenomenon is that most recruiters are using [...continue reading]

Use Online Networks to Recruit Your Star Employee

From our latest column: Your dream employee is lurking out there. How do you find him or her? To track down those stars, recruiters are aggressively using online tools such as blogs, virtual communities, social-networking sites, and biography-analysis software. Here are some [...continue reading]

Social Software and Executive Recruiting

I was discussing Phil Wolff's comments on social software in recruiting with John Younger, CEO of Accolo. He wrote: What I find interesting in the intersection of social networks and jobs is that there is a third party that seems to be completely missed. Specifically, the party that pays the bills [...continue reading]

Giving Employees What They Want: The Returns Are Huge

How to Give Employees What They Want: The Returns Are Huge - Knowledge@Wharton [...continue reading]

The 10 qualities Interviewers look for when interviewing

Joe Hodowanes highlights "The 10 qualities interviewers look for when interviewing". [...continue reading]

New companies that leverage social networks for recruiting

Joanna Glasner of Wired writes about the new social network-based recruiting systems, such as H3, Jobster, LinkedIn, and Accolo, in Wired News: Cash in on Your Social Network For job seekers who like to network, the introduction of more referral-based online recruiting services sounds like it ought [...continue reading]

ChangeThis :: How to Manage Smart People

ChangeThis :: How to Manage Smart People: "After spending nine years at Microsoft managing some of the smartest people in the world, Scott Berkun has a few tips to share on the art of managing the best." [...continue reading]

The Keys to Building Trust

The Keys to Building TrustTrust can be hard to gain and easy to lose. In all matters of trust, actions always speak louder than words, says Stever Robbins. [...continue reading]

On the silliness of job interviews and what job interviews really tell us

On the silliness of job interviews, what job interviews really tell us, and how to get Steve Ballmer to recruit you [...continue reading]