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The Insider's Guide to Interviewing

Career Hub has just released their third free eBook, "The Insider's Guide to Interviewing", featuring articles from 14 top career experts. This book, along with two earlier books, The Insider's Guide to Resume Writing" and "The Insider's Guide to Job Search" can be downloaded at [...continue reading]

Compensation at Private Equity Firms and Investment Banks

Dealmaker Magazine has a useful survey of 2006 compensation at top private equity firms and investment banks. They've done their best to make it hard to replicate this data without sharing your own personal data with them. The page with this data in the printed magazine is written with [...continue reading]

What is your greatest weakness? 3 smart replies

Annie Fisher quotes Ben Dattner, who suggests: 1. Focus the discussion on how you've improved over time. 2. Talk about how the job you're applying for will help you stretch and build your skills. 3. Describe a valuable piece of advice someone gave you, and how it has helped your career. more... [...continue reading]

Insider Guide to Resume Writing

Via Barbara Safani: Career Hub, a career advice blog I contribute to, recently launched their second free ebook, Insider's Guide to Resume Writing. The free download is [...continue reading] How to increase your consulting revenue and your profile

I had lunch recently with David Jackson, CEO of SeekingAlpha, and a former neighbor of mine. I thought that many of our Circle of Experts would benefit from contributing to David's company. Briefly, is the leading blog source of stock market related commentary by money [...continue reading]

10 Job-hunt tactics you might not know

From the "brazen careerist", 10 Job-hunt tactics you might not know: 2. Use proactive recommendations. Instead of waiting for a hiring manager to ask for references, have your reference call immediately. This works well if you have a heavy-weight reference, like a well-known CEO or someone who [...continue reading]

ReputationDefender Protects Your Online Reputation

One of the major themes of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online (see Chapter 16) is the need to preserve ones corporate and personal virtual reputation. I've long thought that there was a need for a business that would be a personal PR agent, which would monitor what's [...continue reading]

Job Search EBook

Via Barbara Safani, a no-cost job search ebook from Career Hub: I'm excited to announce our very first eBook! The book, which features in-depth job search advice from 17 career marketing experts is available for download now.  We put this book together because we know that so many job seekers [...continue reading]

Advancing in your career without experience

From Harvard Business School Working Knowledge: The researchers identified four successful tactics for obtaining stretchwork that were common to both groups: * Differentiate competence. Anyone hoping to advance must distinguish his or her performance on the job. This is particularly true, [...continue reading]

Do Asian Cultural Values Impact Career Advancement?

Today, only one Asian American holds the top corporate spot in the Fortune 500-- Avon Products' chair and CEO Andrea Jung. Author Jane Hyun explores the reasons for this disparity in a new book entitled Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling--Career Strategies for Asians. Hyun, an executive coach and diversity [...continue reading]

Getting the Scoop on a Future Boss

Anjali Athavaley of The Wall Street Journal writes on Getting the Scoop on a Future Boss: There are now more ways to get the inside scoop about an employer -- before you are hired. In the latest expansion of the Web phenomenon of social networking, more sites are launching features that make it [...continue reading]

Great collection of job-hunting resources for MBAs

From [...continue reading]

Guaranteed way to make money (and cause the government to lose money)

Don't be so quick to try to get rid of your extra change. For the first time since the composition of the penny was changed to make zinc the primary component, Josh Wolfe reports that the raw materials that constitute pennies and nickels are worth more than the monetary value assigned to them by [...continue reading]

Advice to Fledgling Consultants

Greg Narain has some sound Advice to Fledgling Consultants. [...continue reading]

Master US Job Board Directory

AIRS has a master directory of job boards by geography and industry: [...continue reading]

Ten Stupid Mistakes Made by the Newly Self-Employed

Steve Pavlina's list of 10 Stupid Mistakes Made by the Newly Self-Employed is worth reviewing even for the non-self-employed. Via Marc Cenedella's blog [...continue reading]

How Overeager Job Hunters Can Thwart Their Efforts

A jobless marketing manager recently touted his accomplishments to New York search firm Canny, Bowen. He simultaneously sent the same cover letter and resume to more than 150 other executive recruiters -- and identified every recipient on his e-mail's distribution list. The shotgun approach helped [...continue reading]

For Job-Hunters: How to Find a Contact Name Inside a Target Company

For Job-Hunters: How to Find a Contact Name Inside a Target Company Job-hunters have a number of hurdles to surmount, but one of the greatest is this: how do you get a name inside a target company? When you want to send a letter of inquiry to a company (about a job), you really want to find the [...continue reading]