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Online Match-Making with Virtual Dates

Users of online dating sites often struggle to find love because the sites themselves make it more difficult than it needs to be. To the rescue: Virtual Dates, an online ice-breaker from Jeana Frost of Boston University, Michael Norton of HBS, and Dan Ariely of MIT. More: [...continue reading]

The Secret Cause of Flame Wars

"Don't work too hard," wrote a colleague in an e-mail today. Was she sincere or sarcastic? I think I know (sarcastic), but I'm probably wrong. According to recent research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, I've only a 50-50 chance of ascertaining the tone of any e-mail [...continue reading]

Research Finds That Success Might Be Related Not Just to Whom You Know but to How You Communicate with Them

Research Finds That Success Might Be Related Not Just to Whom You Know but to How You Communicate with Them Nathaniel Bulkley, a doctoral student working with assistant professor Marshall Van Alstyne at the University of Michigan School of Information, won the first annual Visible Path Graduate [...continue reading]

Remember Every Name Every Time

(From "Remember Every Name Every Time" by Benjamin Levy.) In the book, Levy describes two methods for remembering names. First, the verbally-oriented, "basic" technique:   FACE. FOCUS on the name. ASK again. COMMENT to them and yourself about the name. EMPLOY the name in [...continue reading]

How to Prevent Technology From Impeding Communication and Wrecking Your Virtual Project

Technology has made it possible for teams with members around the world to work on virtual projects. A monthly budget for such a project can easily exceed $1.2 million and involve more than 60 team members worldwide.  Although email and other communication tools make this possible, what [...continue reading]

Pull: Networking and Success Since Benjamin Franklin

I recently had a chance to have a conversation with Pamela Walker Laird, a History professor with the University of Colorado at Denver, and author of the new book Pull: Networking and Success Since Benjamin Franklin, a history of strategic relationship-bulding and mentoring in American business, [...continue reading]

Effective Emailer, by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki devotes a lot more time than I seem to have handy to write thoughtful, well-organized pieces, like his list of tips for The Effective Emailer. [...continue reading]

E-Mail Is So Five Minutes Ago

One of the major themes of our book is that email is dead. It's good to see that BusinessWeek is now picking up on the same meme: E-Mail Is So Five Minutes Ago: e-mail has hit a wall, creating an impenetrable scale of conversations people don't need to be a part of and shipping around mounds of [...continue reading]