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Writing sensible email messages

The reliably worth-reading Merlin Mann crafts some more useful tips on Writing sensible email messages. His points also apply well to blog posts. EOM ("End of Message"). [...continue reading]

How to Email SMS to a Cellphone

From Katrina Resources - a Very Unofficial List, via BoingBoing: "Don't have an SMS-ready cellphone yourself? You can e-mail from a computer to an SMS-capable phone. Here's E-mail to SMS addressing for major carriers:"  # Cingular  # [...continue reading]

How to Write Like Dave Barry

I admit it, Dave Barry is one of the funniest writers I've ever read. For a great summary of some of the tricks of his trade, see How to Write Like Dave Barry. [...continue reading]

Tricks of the Trade–for Email Communications

From Target Marketing Magazine (7/1/05): "Tricks of the Trade", By Regina Brady Are your e-mail recipients only seeing half of your subject line? Is your e-newsletter being flagged as spam? Here's a handy guide to some of my favorite online sites and utilities that should help you in your e-mail [...continue reading]

Meet-O-Matic: Super-simple meeting scheduler

You might like Meet-O-Matic,. a very simple, easy-to-use, no log-in required, automated meeting scheduler. It's an excellent example of how a single-use device (e.g., a digital camera) can trump a multi-use device with lots of bells and whistles (e.g., a cameraphone). [...continue reading]

High-volume email management

Venture capitalist Christian Mayaud, like me a follower of the Getting Things Done philosophy, posts his dream system for high-volume email management, , using technologies available today. [...continue reading]

Five Rules for Balancing Business and Friendship

From RLI Corp. Vice President, Executive Products Group, A. Q. "Skip" Orza: 1. Never renege on your handshake. Multimillion-dollar, complex deals are sealed by handshakes or verbal agreements on the phone, and you live by them. If you don't honor them on paper afterward, you'll lose longstanding [...continue reading]

How celebrities and business leaders tame their e-mail

Via Jack Vinson, USA Today writes on how celebrities and business leaders tame their e-mail. [...continue reading]

Managing Too Many Connections

Christopher Allen has a great blog post on Dunbar Triage: How to Handle Too Many Connections. For my own thoughts on this, see my column: The Great Debate: Quality or Quantity?. [...continue reading]

The Keys to Building Trust

The Keys to Building TrustTrust can be hard to gain and easy to lose. In all matters of trust, actions always speak louder than words, says Stever Robbins. [...continue reading]

Sp*m Fighters Handbook (The Urbach Letter – November 2004)

The Spam Fighter's Handbook(Updated from the August 2002 Urbach Letter)If you're online, you're getting spammed. It's only a question of how much. Today, two thirds of all email is spam, and a good deal of it is deceptive, offensive, even dangerous. There's good news though: smart [...continue reading]

Great Tips for Mastering E-mail Overload

I strongly recommend reading this Very useful article on Mastering E-mail Overload. [...continue reading]

Instant Online Conferencing

Stowe Boyd writes about GoToMeeting: The Story Inside The Story: "I had a web conference with Brian Donahoo of Citrix Online yesterday, and he outlined the reasons that GoToMeeting has become the fastest growing product that the company has offered, eclipsing the monumentally sucessful GoToMyPC, and [...continue reading]

Summaries of all of Dale Carnegie's Key Books

"CARNEGIE, DALE (1888-1955), was a pioneer in public speaking and personality development. He became famous by showing others how to become successful. His book How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936) has sold more than 10 million copies and has been translated into many languages. His books [...continue reading]

The Good Guy's (and Gal's) Guide to Office Politics

Fast Company | The Good Guy's (and Gal's) Guide to Office Politics [...continue reading]

Conversational Cheap Shots, or How to Strategically Manage Dialogue

Conversational Cheap Shots, or How to Strategically Manage Your ConversationsIt is hoped that exposing these tactics will help muzzle the growing abuse in our conversational landscape. Give copies to both perpetrators and victims (only NOT for profit use). The examples are overblown in an attempt to [...continue reading]

Better communication = better business

Joseph Sommerville, President, Peak Communication Performance, has some useful articles posted on his website:+ The 5 Keys to Better Sales Relationships+ Avoiding the Sales Sledgehammers+ 25 Quick Tips for More Powerful Presentations+ Frequently Asked Questions about Successful Presentations+ [...continue reading]

Managing Meetings

[from the Inc. newsletter] ======================================================  1. MANAGING MEETINGS ====================================================== Escape from Meeting Hell It's time for another soul-sapping, oxygen- depriving, time-wasting, mind-numbing company meeting. Or is it? [...continue reading]