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Best Practices in Writing Emails–Policy for a Multinational Corporation

Our new parent company, Evalueserve, is highly dependent on email for internal and external communications. They also hire every year hundreds of recent graduates (particularly in India, China, and Chile) who are usually not familiar with the protocols of business communication via email. The [...continue reading]

Bit Literacy

I'm a longtime fan of the design philosophy and work of CreativeGood. Every time I've written a web design spec, I've required the designers to look at that site.Mark Hurst, founder of Creative Good and Good Experience, and host of the Gel conference (Good Experience Live), has just released his [...continue reading]

RetailMeNot: Retail coupons for online stores

The creator of has launched, which provides coupon codes for retail stores, without the privacy-infringing registration requirements. A very useful tool.Many online stores allow for a "coupon" or "promotion" code when you order to automatically assign [...continue reading]

Secure your checked bags: fly with a gun

For people who are really sick of losing bags, try flying with a gun. It works for this photographer:A "weapons" is defined as a rifle, shotgun, pistol, airgun, and STARTER PISTOL. Yes, starter pistols - those little guns that fire blanks at track and swim meets - are considered weapons...and [...continue reading]

Microsoft Office online—without Microsoft

Do you want to break free of Microsoft's grip? Use exclusively web-based apps, most of them free?If you do, try reviewing Ismael Ghalimi's list of 'best-of-breed' web apps, which together provide a reasonable approximation of the Microsoft Office [...continue reading]

Google SMS

A useful service I've been playing with is Google SMS:Google SMS is a new service that enables you to search for certain kinds of information with Google from a mobile phone or handheld device (such as a Blackberry), and returns your search results as text messages. Get phone book listings, movie [...continue reading]

Roundup of Sleep Hacks (Sleeping more efficiently)

* Get to sleep faster * Tackle problems in your sleep * Take efficient power naps * Take a caffeine nap * Get baby to sleep through the night * Sleep on an airplane * Get up when you really want to * Hold that thought till morning * Relax with Pzizzmore... [...continue reading]

Smart Pills Are on The Rise. But Is Taking Them Wise?

There's a product liability lawsuit waiting to happen here:Studying with diligent friends is fine, says Heidi Lessing, a University of Delaware sophomore.But after a couple of hours, it's time for a break, a little gossip: "I want to talk about somebody walking by in the library."One of those [...continue reading]

Getting Stock Prices into Excel

Yahoo Finance ( has a link on each summary page that allows the user to download the stock information in CSV format. What is less well known is that there is a URL which allows direct access to stock information without having to parse any HTML or even XML. The format is [...continue reading]

Seeking power outlets in airports

The AirPower Wiki chronicles the location of power-outlets in the world's airports. "Those of us who've had three hours to catch up on email and recharge before making another eight-hour flight know what it is to be a voltotropic voyager."via [...continue reading]

Prescription for Gaining Greatness in Work and Life

Dennis Kimbro's Prescription for Gaining Greatness in Work and Life What makes the great, great? It's a question author Dennis Kimbro took 20 years to research, interviewing leaders from diverse backgrounds from Earl Graves of Black Enterprise magazine to Bishop T. D. Jakes. His findings were [...continue reading]

How to cancel a service

After reading posts about people who have had to beg to be disconnected from AOL, J2, and Sky TV, I saw the following advice:I've worked for a telecommunications company that I would prefer to go unnamed, and I'd like to offer some tips to anyone trying to disconnect a service they no longer want. [...continue reading]

Guaranteed way to make money (and cause the government to lose money)

Don't be so quick to try to get rid of your extra change. For the first time since the composition of the penny was changed to make zinc the primary component, Josh Wolfe reports that the raw materials that constitute pennies and nickels are worth more than the monetary value assigned to them by [...continue reading]

Tricks to Improve Your Memory

Tricks to Improve Your Memory7 ways to recall your PIN number, the location of your wallet, or other key information.MoreVia Lifehacker. [...continue reading]