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CAD company kickstarts folksonomy for product knowledge sharing

I’ve been following the rapid growth of the tagging /folksonomy meme, and brainstorming about ways to use this for business. Some ideas:

+ David Weinberger reports:

ProgeSOFT is encouraging its users to tag content about its products (IntelliCAD, PRogeCAD) so they can learn from one another. It’s recommending three tags – intellicad, learnintellicad, and “learn software” – for use at, flickr and blog sites via technorati tags.

Great experiment, although I’m not convinced that those are the right tags, especially the “learn software” one. Is that so you can search for items tagged both as “intellicad” and “learn software”? It’ll be interesting to see how the folks develop their own folksonomy.

I don’t mean to carp. I think this is a truly interesting idea. My hat is off to ProfeSOFT.

+ Track consumers’ thoughts on various topics
+ Track what’s hot (tags growing rapidly in popularity)
+ Outsource your metadata-production to your users

I’m sure you have other ideas….

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