Ergonomic keyboards and mice (continued)

Following up on my earlier research into ergonomic keyboards and mice:

I recently purchased the Quill Mouse from ErgoDirect. This is a bizarre-looking mouse pointer — it looks like a small white iron, and it costs $99. But it’s dramatically more comfortable than a traditional mouse, because it allows you to keep your hand in a neutral perpendicular position instead of twisting 90 degrees to cover a traditional mouse. Once you use it, you’ll probably find it hard to resort to a traditional mouse. I now have one both for home and work, and I definitely endorse it. The people at Quill were very slow in sending it to me (customer service doesn’t seem to be a strength of theirs), but I was very happy with it once it arrived.

Also, the folks at ErgoDirect were kind enough to send me a Goldtouch Split Keyboard, which I’ve been playing with. Unlike every other split keyboard I’ve seen, this one allows you to control both the degree of split and the height of the raised part of the keyboard. It’s light and portable. I like it much better than any other split keyboard I’ve tried. My one complaint: it can’t go as high as I’d like it to.

If you’re going to spend significant time on a PC, you may as well be comfortable while you’re there.

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