How to negotiate and evaluate your job offer

“The board has met and we’d like to extend you an offer to join the company.  We’ll send you all the details via email. We are excited to have you join us!”

If you get that phone call, what should you be thinking about? I compiled the best resources I found here.  This is relevant for any job offer, but I’m particularly focused on offers to C-level executives and board members:

Due Diligence as a Team Member

Ready to join a new management team? Here’s how to do your due diligence first

Due Diligence as an Investor

You’re investing your time, reputation, network, and probably also capital. So I recommend use the framework of an investor:

Venture capital investing checklist

Due Diligence as a Board Member

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Look Before You Leap: The Importance Of Conducting In-Depth Due Diligence Before Accepting A Board Seat’s Due Diligence Checklist for a Board of Directors

Due Diligence Check List for Board Directors


How Boards Interview CEO Candidates

Evaluating the Offer

How To Evaluate A Job Offer – Tips For Senior Managers And Executives

The Right Way to Evaluate a Job Offer

The Complete Guide to Evaluating a Job Offer

Negotiating the Offer

Practical Tactics to Negotiating Executive Employment Contracts

How to Negotiate Executive Employment Contracts

15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer

Negotiating Your Next Job

How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer

As a benchmark, one academic study found that, “Outside replacement CEOs are typically paid 36% more than their predecessors”, reflecting the risk of an outsider taking on a new role.

Compensation Structure

Negotiating Key Terms in Your Next Executive Job Offer

Negotiating Employment with a Private Equity Firm – 7 Surprises to Expect

Structuring and Negotiating Executive Compensation Packages: Addressing Pay, Severance, Restrictive Covenants, and More

Executive Compensation & Severance

Interim CEO And Turnaround CEO Employment Agreements: Terms And Compensation

How will you be evaluated once on the job?

Assessing the CEO’s Performance

Compensation Benchmarks for Executives

Radford Surveys

ChiefExecutive Research

Executive Compensation Benchmarking Tool

ERI’s Executive Compensation Assessor


Background: CEO Compensation Data Spotlight

Compensation Benchmarks for all personnel





Joining An Early Stage Startup? Negotiate Your Equity And Salary With Stock Option Counsel Tips

Here’s How Startup Founders Should Offer Employee Equity

Private company stock option grants: a founder’s guide to who gets what, when

How to assign stock options in early-stage startups

Compensation and Benefits for Startup Companies

Any survey data on stock grants in private companies?

How does a private company decide on the size of a stock grant? Any data on grant sizes

How to Make Startup Stock Options a Better Deal for Employees

Introducing our guide to stock options for European entrepreneurs

A No B.S. Guide to Startup Stock Option Grants

Starting Work

How To Start Your New Job And Not Get Fired

Lastly, your future employer might want to read:

Board best practices in onboarding a new CEO

When Is an Outsider CEO a Good Choice?

Insider or Outsider CEO?

Preparing to Fire an Executive (hopefully not with regards to you, but your predecessor)


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