Find/SVP Announces Strategic Alliance with Nitron Advisors

I’m happy to report thatFind/SVP (OTCBB:FSVP) has announced a strategic alliance with our firm, Nitron Advisors.

Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

Find/SVP also announced that it has entered into a Strategic Alliance with Nitron Advisors, LLC, which provides hedge funds, venture capital funds, and other professional investors with access to independent industry experts. Under the terms of the Alliance, Nitron and FIND/SVP are partnering to provide the only full suite of primary and secondary independent research services to the institutional investor marketplace, through Nitron’s Circle of Experts services and FIND’s recently introduced Money Management Research Center (MMRC) service.

"We are very excited to enter into this relationship with FIND/SVP," commented David Teten, president and chief executive of Nitron Advisors. "We believe that this relationship will build on our initial success servicing the institutional investor community since our founding last year. The combination of FIND’s outstanding, secondary-research based Initial Due Diligence service offered through MMRC, and Nitron’s highly focused primary research-based Circle of Experts service, will provide our professional investor customers with a distinct competitive edge."

Mr. Walke noted that the services provided by FIND/SVP and Nitron can be offered as a bundled service or independently.

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