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I’m about to come out with a book I’ve been writing since I was a Yale junior, To University and Beyond: Launch Your Career in High Gear. My coauthor is Mandee Heller Adler, CEO of International College Counselors (ICC), one of the largest educational consulting companies in the world. 

ICC offers free, impactful one-hour webinars about admissions and financing your education, geared for parents and students in middle school, high school, and graduate school. I’ve listed below their most popular topics.  For more information and to schedule a free webinar for parents at your employer or school, contact International College Counselors

Graduate School Admissions

Graduate School 101

Graduate school can be a real opportunity to increase future earning potential while riding out a tough job market. In this presentation, parents and prospective grad school students will learn: the benefits of going to grad school; tips for finding the right school and program for you; admissions timelines and requirements/materials; how to position yourself; and ways to strengthen your application

Great Admissions Advice for Medical School Applicants

Planning to apply to medical school? Learn the ins and outs of the medical school admissions process, including timeline, what medical schools are looking for, and how to stand out in a good way. International College Counselors is here to help so you don’t have to navigate the murky waters of medical school admissions alone. 

Parents of High School Students and High School Students

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College Admissions: Everything You Need to Know

Competition for acceptance to college is at an all time high. Learn what your student needs to do in high school in order to stand out, improve their odds of admission, and make a college want them. Understand the role grades, standardized tests, course load, and extracurricular activities play in order for your student to get into the college of their choice.

Applying to Ivy League and Highly Selective Colleges

Ivy League schools are some of the most prestigious and academically challenging colleges in the country. Getting accepted has become more and more difficult due to a rapidly growing applicant pool. Aside from getting top grades and testing well, discover ways students can set themselves apart from the pack and how to improve the odds of admission.

Using Extracurricular Activities to Gain the Edge in College Admissions

Academic success and standardized test scores are only part of what gets a student accepted into college. A student’s extracurricular activities show a student’s talent, commitment, and curiosity, and can oftentimes ‘tip the admissions scale.’ Learn how your student can get started with and stand out using school-based activities, personal interests, work experience, and more.

Parents’ Role in the College Admissions Process

The college admissions process can be confusing and stressful. In this presentation, parents learn how to assist their students into gaining admission to the college of their choice. Students need parental support and help. As importantly, parents need to know when to step back for their student’s own benefit.

How to Craft a Compelling Common App College Essay

Your essays may be as short as 150 words or even a Tweet, but the words you choose can mean the difference between a “maybe” and a “yes.” During this seminar, students will learn: tips for writing a great college essay; Common Application and Optional Essay strategies; fatal essay errors; great first sentences and more. 

Get the College List Right

Narrowing down a student’s college list can be challenging. There are hundreds of good choices, including Florida colleges, private schools, and public out-of-state colleges. Learn how to get your student’s shortlist down by discussing academics, extracurriculars, campus culture, financial concerns, and more.  

College Admissions for Freshmen and Sophomores

Getting started in the Freshman and Sophomore years is the best way to maximize the high school experience and put students in the best position to get into the college of their dreams. Hear about what freshmen and sophomores should do for the college admissions process. The seminar will cover what courses you should be taking, what extracurricular activities you should be doing, how to use your summer wisely and more.

Use your Summer Wisely and Rise Above the Rest

Learn the do’s and don’ts of summer planning. Learn which summer activities admissions officers want to see on your application. Understand the benefits, opportunities and differences of paid jobs, internships, volunteer work, summer school and other summer activities and find out which are the most advantageous.

STEM Growth: Tips for Students Considering STEM Majors

The growth in STEM careers has resulted in STEM becoming an important area of focus in colleges around the country. Learn what STEM options are available in colleges and how students can leverage STEM experiences for college admissions.

The Power of a Liberal Arts Education

Understand the benefits of earning a liberal arts degree. Get answers to the questions including: What is a liberal art college and how does it differ from other colleges/universities? What can you do with a liberal arts degree? What is the return on investment with a liberal arts degree? And more. 

College Advice for Parents of Non-Recruitable Athletes

This presentation is for parents of student-athletes who want to play a sport in college, but aren’t being actively pursued. Learn tips for using your player’s strengths to score high with admissions counselors.

The Benefits of Attending a Women’s College

Women’s colleges offer a unique learning environment. Learn more about them in this presentation including: What do women’s colleges offer that make them an increasingly popular option? How to know if attending a women’s college is right for your daughter? What are some of the most selective women’s colleges in the country?

How to Get Accepted to Top Art and Design Colleges

Learn all aspects of the art college application process including: how to continue pushing your art making and portfolio; how to get portfolio reviews from college representatives; where and how to research art and design programs at specialty art colleges and comprehensive universities; how to ‘visit’ colleges and demonstrate interest; and how to plan summer activities – including pre-college programs.

Tips and Tricks on Affording College* 

Sometimes the decision of whether a student can attend a college or not comes down to finances. We’ll help clarify the options. Understand the difference between merit-aid and need-based aid and how students can apply for these funds. We’ll also discuss different kinds of grants and scholarships and why you should never rule out a college because of its sticker price.  

*For non-profit organizations only

Parents of International Students and International Students

College Admissions: What U.S. Universities Look for and How to Get In!

The U.S. has some of the most prestigious and academically challenging universities in the world. Claudia Valdez of International College Counselors will teach parents what their student needs to do in high school in order to stand out in the college admissions process. Find out what U.S. universities are looking for and what your child should do now to prepare for college. Understand the role grades, standardized tests, course load, and extracurricular activities play in order for your student to get into the university of their choice.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about U.S. Universities

With more than 3,000 universities in the United States, selecting and applying to a U.S. university can be confusing and stressful. In this presentation, Claudia Valdez of International College Counselors will teach parents and students about the benefits of going to a U.S. college; what to look for when choosing a college; U.S. application requirements; the role of grades and standardized tests; what universities are looking for, and more.  

Parents of Middle School Students and Middle School Students

College Admissions Advice for Middle School Parents

The college admissions process has significantly changed over the years and can often leave parents and students confused and frustrated. Learn what your student needs to do in high school in order to stand out and make a college want them. Understand the role grades, standardized tests, course load, and extracurricular activities play in order for your student to get into his or her college of choice. Parents will leave this presentation with a clear understanding of what colleges look for in students and how being informed – and starting early – will improve their child’s odds of admission.

How to Choose the Right High School for Your Child

Choosing the right high school to attend can be a tough choice as students no longer have to attend the local public high school. The key to finding the right high school is to know what you want, know the options available and review all factors including educational quality, location, friends, extracurricular activities and more. Find out the differences and benefits of the local high schools, magnet schools, charter schools and private schools.  This seminar will also cover the differences between AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment. 

 * All seminars are free. They are 30 or 45 minutes long, unless otherwise specified, and may be followed by a 15-minute question and answer period. Most seminars may also be offered in Spanish.

About The Company 

International College Counselors ( provides individualized attention to students to properly tackle the graduate and/or undergraduate U.S. college admission processes. The highly qualified team of counselors gives advice and guidance on university selection, essay writing, interview preparation and more to help students navigate the admissions process, and ultimately to get into the “best” school for them.


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