Competitive Intelligence 101

I advise my portfolio companies to be careful about what information they make searchable publicly.  But on the other side, I definitely recommend seeing what information others have made public.

For each competitor, I suggest you do the following:

  • Look on for their pitch deck.  
  • Look on and and see if they have any investors who are crowdfunding sites, e.g., Republic*. If so, look for any investor-facing information they uploaded there.  
  • Run the following searches on Google or another search engine:
    • [company name] pitch deck
    • [company name] pitch video
    • [company name] Investor deck
    • [company name] investor video
    • [company name] Filetype:ppt
    • [company name] Filetype:pdf
    • [company name] Filetype:docx
    • [company name] Filetype:rtf
      And see if you find anything interesting.

For more ideas:

Disclosure: A HOF Capital affiliate is an investor in Republic.

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