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How to find competitors’ pitch decks

I advise my portfolio companies to be careful about what information they make searchable publicly.  But on the other side, I definitely recommend seeing what information others have made public.

As you design your investor deck and run competitive intelligence, you’ll benefit a lot by looking at how your competitors have approached the process. For each competitor, I suggest you do the following:

  • Look on for their pitch deck.  
  • Look on and and see if they have any investors who are crowdfunding sites, e.g., If so, look for any investor-facing information they uploaded there. You can also look up your competitors’ funding history and investors on
  • Run the following searches on Google or another search engine:
    • [company name] pitch deck
    • [company name] pitch video
    • [company name] Investor deck
    • [company name] investor video
    • [company name] Filetype:ppt
    • [company name] Filetype:pdf
    • [company name] Filetype:docx
    • [company name] Filetype:rtf
      And see if you find anything interesting.

Even if you don’t find your specific competitor’s pitch deck, you can always learn from the pitch decks of some of the successful VC funded startups; I provide links to them at Please don’t pitch a venture capitalist without this checklist

If you’re building a product-first company, it is highly advisable to explore for specs, reviews and discussions on similar products.

For more ideas:

Disclosure: A HOF Capital affiliate is an investor in Republic.

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