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How business leaders can promote wearing masks and stop COVID-19

The overwhelming consensus of medical opinion is that in order to mitigate COVID-19 as effectively as some other countries have, America needs to make mask-wearing normative. How can you help? 

Some ideas:

  • Incorporate masks into your visual communications. In your advertising, brochures, website, etc., incorporating masks will help change social norms. By analogy, very few people smoke cigarettes anymore in movies and TV shows, and that has directly reduced smoking rates.
  • Use masks for marketing, perhaps giving them away if the economics make sense. Masks are the greatest marketing opportunity in history; they’re unavoidable for everyone in range of a mask-wearer. I’d love to see all the big brands, sports teams, and other marketers, sell or give away masks. Branded masks are selling out in record time. Content marketing strategist Jonathan ‘Yoni’ Frenkel believes this could be a good branding opportunity for brands to regain the trust they have lost with millennials and Gen Z, by being associated with safety and preventative health measures.

I am a past investor (via HOF Capital) in, which sells beautiful masks and other clothing.

Some more ideas here: How Non-Partisan Business Leaders Can Help Fix America

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