Join the Biden/Harris Campaign as an Industry Ambassador at Large 

Are you a well-connected industry leader eager to make America functional again? We have an opportunity for you to help the country, and also build your relationships with other senior people in your sector.  This is NOT a fundraising role.  

As an Ambassador at Large for the Biden/Harris Campaign, your responsibilities are:

  1. By far most important: Use your superpowers to help the campaign. Do you have access to a media platform? Does your business touch potential voters? Are you aware of information that the media should know? Everyone can vote and donate, but what can you uniquely do to change the dynamics of the election? A great example of a business leader using their superpower is David Barrett, CEO of Expensify, emailing millions of his users, “Protect democracy, vote for Biden.”
  2. Reach out to other industry leaders in your sector. You decide on what you consider your coverage sector, normally your industry of expertise.
  3. Gather their feedback to provide ideas and advice that the campaign may use
  4. Ask them: how would you like to get involved in supporting the ticket? Ideally, encourage them to publicly endorse the ticket on social media, open letters and other amplification opportunities. If they’re uncomfortable doing so, ask them to get more involved politically in other ways, e.g., supporting voter turnout.  A stronger civil society is good for America.
  5. Optionally, fundraise donations to the Campaign.  Note that we think that for true industry leaders, financial support is important, but they can be even more impactful if they publicly role model civic engagement and support of the ticket.

Is this you?

  • Burning desire to ensure that Biden/Harris win the 2020 Presidential race.
  • CEO, Senior Executive of a prominent company, or very active and connected investor.
  • Multiple years of experience in a highly visible and credible role in your target industry
  • Emotional intelligence/ sales/ horizontal influencing skills, as evidenced by past ability to win support from persons over whom you have no, nor desire any, authority
  • Impeccable reputation for probity
  • Optional: Large social media following. 

KPIs: We will track three KPIs for each Ambassador:

  • Names and titles of each business leader who proactively becomes more civically involved as a result of your outreach.  Even if they just tweet, “Register to vote at”, that’s a victory.
  • Number of states from which you recruit leaders. Ideally you’d identify one leader in your sector in every state.
  • Dollars raised

Compensation: The satisfaction of being able to tell your grandchildren you took action to help make America functional again.   

Hours: Ideally at least an hour per day, but flexible

How to apply:

Please contact with the following, and cc me (info(@)

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  • Your professional background, including past political involvement (optional)
  • The time commitment you can make
  • Your superpowers: how you think you can help the campaign


The Ambassadors at Large program is a Minimum Viable Product for a startup idea I’m gestating, Action Tank, which use technology to help NGOs leverage their advocates.

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