New series: profiling the tech stacks of investment managers

We’ve launched a new series in which we profile the tech stacks (“technographics”) of investment managers and other financial services firms. The benefits to institutional investors of participating:

  • Benchmark against your peers: learn from other comparable financial institutions’ decisions about use of technology.
  • Show transparency to your clients.
  • Learn about innovative tech companies which may help address some of your challenges.

You can see all of the VCs, investment banks and others participating at .

If you’re interested in publicly sharing your tech stack, please contact us

I’ve written in the past about Versatile VC’s CRM, marketing tech, and social media tech stacks:

We hope this is helpful to people in our community.

To analyze your own tech stack, you might helpful one of the tools which help to analyze and reduce your SAAS spending, e.g., Zylo or Productiv.

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