Nitron Advisors joins The National Research Exchange, Inc.

I’m happy to report that Nitron Advisors has joined The National Research Exchange, Inc. Here’s the press release:

Leading network of frontline industry experts broadens The NRE’s platform

NEW YORK, NY, November 7, 2006 /PRNewswire/ — Nitron Advisors, Inc., a leading provider of direct access to industry experts and leaders, has joined The National Research Exchange, Inc. (The NRE). Nitron Advisors will allow The NRE to enhance its product suite and service delivery in areas that drive value to research firms, investment banks, public companies, and investors.

"Nitron Advisors is a perfect complement to The NRE menu of research related offerings. The Circle of Experts brings relevant experts for investors’ needs, ranging from macro analyses to specific technical expertise to due diligence in support of capital investment. We are very pleased to add these capabilities to our platform," said David Weild IV, President and CEO of The NRE.

"The NRE’s Intermediated Research(SM) program allows companies to increase institutional investors’ interest in and knowledge of their firms Further, The NRE’s analytical system, StreetView(SM), provides users with the ability to assess research provider strategy and investment banking fit," said David Teten, CEO of Nitron, "We are delighted to join The National Research Exchange."

Briefly, The NRE and Nitron Advisors will provide the following service:

==> A Company seeking to increase institutional investor awareness hires The NRE to provide Intermediated Research(SM) coverage.

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==> The NRE in turn pays Nitron to introduce some of Nitron’s institutional investor clients to members of the Nitron Advisors Circle of Experts who have insight into the Company. In addition, some of Nitron’s clients will pay Nitron directly for this service.

==> Nitron pays members of the Nitron Advisors Circle of Experts for their time and insights.

About The NRE

The National Research Exchange is the leader and originator of Intermediated Research(SM). Our proprietary platforms enable equity Issuers and investment banks to systematically evaluate the competitive landscape of banking and research providers in order to mitigate the risks inherent in public offerings and ensure sufficient aftermarket research coverage. Our patent-pending technologies help companies to secure greater visibility and liquidity in the public markets, thereby lowering the cost of capital and improving shareholder value. Visit for more information.

About Nitron Advisors

Nitron Advisors, Inc. is an independent research firm, specializing in providing institutional investors and law firms with real-time, frontline information through our proprietary Circle of Experts. Our clients learn from our experts through one-on-one consultations, customized surveys, and interactive events. Our clients include investment banks, hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity firms, and law firms. Visit for more information.

Nitron Advisors Contact:

Scott Lichtman, 1-212-682-6679, slichtman(at)

The NRE Contact:

Richard West, 1-212-595-4600, richard.west(at)

SOURCE: The National Research Exchange, Inc./Nitron Advisors, LLC

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