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Portfolio Company Spotlight: Identified

Job creation is political topic #1, so we have a particular interest in portfolio companies like Identified and TheResumator, which help match employers and job seekers.

Identified launched its public beta last month.  Effectively, Identified gives you a score for your desirability as an employee.  It’s similar in principle to Klout.

Identified uses three attributes to evaluate your profile: Your education, work history, and your network. Identified not only imports your data from Facebook, but also gives you the opportunity to edit the details.

Over 40 million people are currently ranked on Identified. Identified not only evaluated your profile but also helps you understand where you rank compared to other candidates, including your own friends.  On Identified, my colleague Katie Frankel (who wrote this post) has a not very impressive score of 38, yet reassuringly ranks #4 out of all of her friends.

Identified intends to help employers rank candidates, and also help candidates find the best pathway into a potential employer.  Identified helps you to see who else is working at the companies you are applying too.  You can analyze your target company’s demographics, most common majors, average length of employment, and other useful information.

Your Identified score is based on 3 components, listed below:

Get invites to exclusive events, jobs, and research.


Get invites to exclusive events and research.