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Private Equity and Social Media

I’m giving a talk next month on “How Private Equity Funds Raise Capital and Source Deals with Social Media” at Terrapinn’s Private Equity Latin America & Real Estate Latin America conference in Miami.  I discuss this topic in more depth in an earlier article I wrote.

Here’s my draft presentation:

I argue that social media is pertinent throughout the 6-step investing cycle:

Investing Cycle

Sample Uses of Social Media

1. Raise capital •Identify value-added potential investors & find a path to them; Solicit past investors in both your prior and comparable funds
2. Originate investments •Identify and reach out to relevant people & companies; Become a magnet for investment opportunities
3. Due diligence •Review professional and personal lives of management; Talk with firm’s network: customers, competitors, suppliers
4. Negotiate deal •Gain insight into counterparty’s negotiating style, motivations
5. Improve operations •Recruit “A” performers; Accelerate sales and marketing
6. Exit investment •Identify and more effectively negotiate with strategic acquirers


Among the topics I’ll be discussing:

– the few private equity funds using social media (MCM Capital, Healthpoint Capital) — the list of VC funds using social media aggressively is too long for me to list here;

– the major gated online communities for early-stage investors, including AngelList; OurCrowd; FundersClub; Gust; SeedInvest

– the major gated online communities for private equity investors: Association for Corporate Growth; Axial; IntraLinks (MergerID, PE-Nexus); MergerMarket; SecondMarket; etc.;

– companies trying to make the process of raising capital for funds more efficient: Meyler Capital; Palico ; SecondMarket; TrustedInsight; etc.;

What else do you think I should discuss?  Have I missed any major players in my lists above?  Do you know of any Latin American funds specifically who are using social media successfully?

Terrapinn’s Private Equity Latin America & Real Estate Latin America conference takes place on June 17th-18th at the Four Seasons, Miami.  Keynote speakers include David Britts (Managing Director, Co-Head of LatAm Private Equity, Gramercy) and Jean Pierre Lacombe (Chief Economist, Global Markets, The World Bank) .  For more information visit the conference site.

(I previously published this at Forbes.)

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