Profile of ASmallWorld, Selective Online Community

I have had several conversations with Erik Wachtmeister, CEO of aSmallWorld. Micaela Owusu and I have added a profile of aSmallWorld to our Social Software Company Profiles Directory. You can see it here: aSmallWorld corporate profile. Highlights:

aSmallWorld is a by-invitation-only social networking community, targeted at “an international population of successful people with well established large networks of their own”.

Every relationship is, in theory, based on a social relationship established outside of the site, which may in turn develop into other sorts of relationships.

Target market: successful, interesting people who have big networks of their own. To gain membership, you must be invited by an existing member.

Membership is worldwide and diverse. 40% of the members have a master’s degree or Ph.D., and 90% are between the ages of 22 and 45.

(78% between 25 and 35.) Most members hail from such cities as London, Milan, Paris, New York, Stockholm, Hamburg and Munich. It includes some celebrities and people from diverse fields such as investment banking, media, athletics, fashion, consulting, law, etc.

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