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Sales 2.0: why can’t sales be as efficient as online dating?


I’m teaching a class for Founder Institute July 8 on accelerating sales with technology.  This has been a passion of mine for well over a decade, ever since I realized how inefficient sales was and how technology could be used to speed up the process.  This is a core theme of my book, The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online.  Sales, raising capital, looking for a company to invest in, dating – these are all different facets of the same search process.

I’ve included here my draft deck for the presentation, but I know that there are many concepts and interesting companies that I’ve failed to cover in this.  I’d welcome feedback.

Some related material worth reviewing:

– My coauthor on the book, Scott Allen, taught a webinar a few years on “Trigger Event Selling” with Craig Elias (free), which covers some of the ideas that we’re interested in.

– Twelve Ways Digital is Disrupting Your Sales Cycle (Geoffrey Moore, LinkedIn)

Sales 2.0 Management (from AthleteIQ)

Beyond Social: Why Traditional Relationships Matter (from IntroHive)

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– Hacking the Buying Process – Tim Hughes & Max Baxter-Reynolds

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