Seeking a search engine for foreign language movies

I’m looking for a search engine for foreign language movies available via streaming.

We tightly limit our kids’ viewing of videos/TV/movies, except for any content in the foreign languages they speak (Hebrew and Russian; they unfortunately are not getting the benefit of my intermediate French).  Our challenge is that it’s hard to find professional caliber content (e.g., made by Hollywood, Bollywood, Netflix, Amazon, HBO, etc.) online, dubbed in other languages.  I know this content exists, because people living all over the world watch Hollywood’s latest releases dubbed in their local language, as soon as those movies come out.

Netflix offers a search option for content in foreign languages, but it is limited to Netflix’s own content, unsurprisingly.  Topic also offers high-quality foreign content; use discount code ‘subway’.  Similarly, on Amazon I can find movies made originally in any of many languages, but can’t find dubbed versions, except for the occasional DVD. Another suboptimal option is to download subtitle filesI know I can get this content on Torrent sites, but I would much rather pay for this, for legal, ethical, and quality reasons. Theater Ears addresses cleverly the use case for Spanish-speakers watching movies in movie theaters.

The free content available on Youtube is on average quite low quality, and Youtube is missing most high-quality theatrical content.  Youtube has the same problem as Amazon product search: because it’s so easy to upload new content on the sell-side, the buy-side experience is getting degraded with spam.

Does anyone know of a search engine like this? If not, maybe this is a startup for which I would gladly be a paying alpha client.  This could be a profitable business, although with a limited market size.


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