How to increase your consulting revenue and your profile

I had lunch recently with David Jackson, CEO of SeekingAlpha, and a former neighbor of mine.

I thought that many of our Circle of Experts would benefit from contributing to David’s company.

Briefly, is the leading blog source of stock market related commentary by money managers and industry experts and a major provider of financial content to Yahoo! Finance.

Articles published on Seeking Alpha reach over a million readers per month, about 17% of whom are finance professionals.

Crucially, each article published by Seeking Alpha (including those syndicated on Yahoo Finance) contains a link to the author’s biography or URL of choice, and can therefore be used to publicize your availability for consultations via Circle of Experts.

If you are already writing any sort of analysis, there’s no marginal cost or effort to you. Just send SeekingAlpha your work, and they’ll do all the editing and production for you.

You can read about Seeking Alpha at, view a list of sample contributors at, and submit an article for publication (Seeking Alpha’s editors will contact you directly after doing so) at or by emailing Mick(at)

(As disclosure, Nitron Advisors does not get any sort of commission or payment from SeekingAlpha if you sign up; we just think that publishing through their channel is valuable to you.)

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Get invites to exclusive events and research.