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Slides from Vistage CEO Conference last week

I enjoyed speaking at lunch at two Vistage conferences this past week, in New York and Chicago. (As background, Vistage is the world’s largest CEO membership organization based on revenue.)

You can download my two presentations here:

+ Chicago Conference: How to Accelerate Your Company with Web 2.0 Technologies

New York Conference: Seven Free, Easy Steps to Accelerate Your Business with Web 2.0 Technologies. I have also attached the New York handout below in HTML format.

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Seven Free, Easy Steps to Accelerate Your Business with Web 2.0 Technologies

Ch = Character

Co = Your firm’s Competence

R = Relevance of the other company

S = Strength

I = Information

N = Number of companies

D = Diversity

Value of Your Corporate Network = D * Nn=1 (Chn * Con * Rn * Sn * In)


Next Step


1) Character

Review your senior executives’ profiles on


2) Your firm’s Competence

Experiment with for project management.

$0 for one project

3) Relevance of the other firm

Encourage employees to join,, and other relevant online networks.


4) Strength

Standardize internal phone calls on Encourage employees to use Instant Messaging services. (They’re already doing it, most likely.)


5) Information

Sign up on,, or for alerts about you and your competitors’ appearances in blogs and news sites.

Join to be eligible for paid consulting opportunities.


6) Number of people

Create standard corporate e-mail signature with strong brand reinforcement.


7) Diversity

Use Jigsaw or to identify contact information on prospects.

Jigsaw: $0 w/uploaded contacts. Spoke: $50/mo.

And one more resource:

8) Learn more about Web 2.0

Download The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online at


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