Who Will Disrupt Investment Management, and How?

II-coverI co-led a research project on innovation in the investment management industry, leveraging my experience investing in many fintech companies.  My colleagues and I interviewed over 50 family offices, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, pensions, and other institutional investors, in order to understand what were the real “jobs to be done” that investment manager firms were providing. We published our research as an Institutional Investor cover story, “Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted”. The Family Office Association published our research as a white paper. Techcrunch published this research in a four-part series:

Below is a slide deck we made on our research and a video of a conference presentation I made.  Thanks to my coauthor Katina Stefanova, CIO and CEO of Marto Capital, and formerly a member of Bridgewater’s management committee, and originally Brent Beardsley, formerly Global Head of BCG’s Asset and Wealth Management Practice.

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