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Innovation in the Investing Industry

II-coverI am co-leading a research project on innovation in the investment management industry, which became an Institutional Investor cover story: “Asset Managers, Prepare to Have Your Business Disrupted”. My coauthors are Katina Stefanova (CEO/CIO, Marto Capital; former management committee at Bridgewater Associates) and Brent Beardsley (head of Strategy, Vanguard).

Below is a presentation we made on our research, and the full 13,000-word study (which we will shortly publish in greatly updated form):

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I’m an investor in such investment technology companies as AddeparAlphaVertexAsaakClarity (sold to Goldman Sachs), Drop TechnologiesEarnest Research, Indiegogo, Republic, Stratifi, and Wonder. I’m also an investor in fintech more broadly, including ArcusCardFlight, Distil Networks (acquired), Ionic, Estify, FlutterwaveSkipSureSocureSpherical Defense, and Terra.