Surprise gift for your spouse or partner

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As part of joining ff, I’ve moved as much of my personal technology stack over to our portfolio companies as possible.  I switched from to for managing my personal telephony.

One of the useful features of is that I can customize an unlimited number of voicemail messages for each person who calls me.  So, I created a custom message for my wife, with a romantic message for her.  She doesn’t leave me many voicemails (since they’re all transcribed anyway), but when she finally actually did, she was pleasantly surprised by the message.  Of course it would have been ludicrously inappropriate for anyone else.’s users are using this feature in lots of other creative ways, including creating a unique message for a person who’s calling you whom you want to avoid (call blocking–“John is on vacation for a month.”), a greeting based on time of day or day of week (“Good morning!”); or a different greeting based on your location.  Check it out.

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