Tips on Writing and Sending Resumes (particularly via email)

Courtesy of Mike Lorelli, President and CEO of Latex Foam International, the only U.S.-based Talalay latex foam producer, and largest supplier of latex mattress components and pillows in North America. (Full disclosure: I edited the first two bullets.)

13 Little Things About Resumes and Emails

  1. Cover Letter File Names: recruiters prefer: Lastname-Firstname-2006-cover-letter.doc
  2. Your resume file name: recruiters prefer: Lastname-Firstname-2006-resume.doc
  3. NEVER send your resume as resume.doc’ If a recruiter downloads ten emails, and half the people use Resume.doc’. . . you’re dead (and should be!)
  4. Your Subject Line’ must signal that this is not a spam message.Use CEO-NJ Fragrance Co- Mike Lorelli’ to concisely signal your purpose.
  5. Don’t use “PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE,” unless you plan to list prostitution or other “NON-PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE.”
  6. Don’t complicate things with the name of the parent corporation, or division name, or whether or not the firm is incorporated. List the parent only if it’s a recognized Fortune company and thereby enhances the Division name.
  7. Don’t waste space explaining that PepsiCo is “A leading food and beverage conglomerate with operations in 97 countries.” If the company is recognized, save the space.
  8. Omit the STATE, if 99% of the readers will know in what state cities like Boston or Atlanta, Indianapolis, Chicago, etc. are. Ditto for Foreign Cities. Paris, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Montreal.
  9. Avoid grid-type fill-in-the-box styles. When viewed electronically, you look like a college senior.
  10. Resumes are two pages in length. Anything longer signals that you have poor summarization skills. Alexander Haig’s resume is one page, and he accomplished more than I have.
  11. Over 50? Don’t make the mistake of leaving off your year of college graduation. You look pretty silly when (100%) of the people figure it out. In fact, do the opposite! On my cover letters I add a ps that says:ps: I am 52, have an MBA from NYU, 1973, and am an active outside director and trusteeIt’s my way of signaling “52 and proud of it!”
  12. Have a PERSONAL‘ section at the end of your resume. Show some personality and some color. People prefer to work with humans, not machines. Below is my section.


    Married. Two precious daughters. Author of childrens’ best-seller, “Traveling Again, Dad with profits donated to childrens’ charities. Have traveled to 44 countries. Avid runner. Active private pilot. Excel at no sport. Member Business Executives for National Security. WPO.

    I get a lot of comments on the “Two precious daughters” and “Excel at no sport” lines.

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