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What type of network are you operating in?

Are you interested in s-e-x? Would you say that publicly?

There are at least a few Silicon Valley executives who readily admit this in their profiles on social network site, or demonstrate it by the tribes of which they are members.

While some people are comfortable with a seamless blend of their business and personal lives, most people have some kind of boundaries between these aspects of their lives, a sort of faceted identity, as danah boyd calls it.

 In our latest column, Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places, we take a look at three dominant categories of networks: social networks, knowledge networks, and business networks.

 While these rarely exist in isolation, any given community tends to have one dominant mode. Recognizing and respecting the dominant mode within a given group will make the group more receptive to your participation, and ultimately make you more effective in your interaction with the group. Read more…

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