GoldNames’ CEO David Teten presents at MIT Forum’s “Managing Hyperchange Event”.

(Jerusalem, Israel, August 1, 2000 – for immediate use)

GoldNames’ CEO David Teten presented at the MIT Enterprise Forum of Israel on July 30. The presentation highlighted GoldNames’ unique approach to the domain name industry.

The Forum’s day-long conference focused on “Managing Hyperchange”. Topics included managing hypergrowth, successfully coping with major changes in products, markets, and competition, and holding a team together. The Forum’s featured speakers were some of Israel’s key high-tech personalities, and Teten’s presentation was “undoubtedly the centerpiece of the event”, according to Ohad Flinker of His presentation on GoldNames’ business model and its plans to function as the market maker for domain names was followed by a panel discussion. Teten successfully defended the company’s plans to apply the financial infrastructure of traditional asset classes (such as stocks and currencies) to domain names. As Finkler concluded, “for GoldNames, it was obviously a PR success.”

Founded in 1999, GoldNames, Inc. is the worldÂ’s first investment bank for internet domain names. Credit Suisse Private Banking (Zurich) is currently managing GoldNamesÂ’ $US10 million second round private placement. GoldNames earns revenues from selling and leasing domain names from its corporate portfolio; from name registration, affiliate relationships, and advertising; and from offering automated advisory services for name transactions. In addition, GoldNames is developing software to exploit its expertise in multilingual domain names..

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