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Unwitting Exposure: Does Posting Personal Information Online Mean Giving up Privacy?

"People who access the Internet for what have become routine functions -- sending emails, writing blogs, and posting photos and information about themselves on social networking sites -- do not realize how much of their personal privacy they put at risk, according to Wharton faculty and legal [...continue reading]

How Europe Wrote the Rules of Global Finance

Having just returned from Paris (and now sitting in London), I was curious to read Rawi Abdelal's thoughts on how Europe, particularly France, wrote the "rules" of global finance.Key concepts include: * European policymakers, particularly the French, created regulations and enforcement that [...continue reading]

Smart Pills Are on The Rise. But Is Taking Them Wise?

There's a product liability lawsuit waiting to happen here:Studying with diligent friends is fine, says Heidi Lessing, a University of Delaware sophomore.But after a couple of hours, it's time for a break, a little gossip: "I want to talk about somebody walking by in the library."One of those [...continue reading]

Are You Googling Your Privacy Away?

Eric Shahinian wrote some detailed notes on last night's panel on "Are You Googling Your Privacy Away?" for the New York County Lawyers' Association / Cyberspace Law Committee. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Mark Grossman, Partner, Dewitt Grossman, P.L. [...continue reading]